The Last 52 Days

Cobble Hill/Boerum Hill/Carrol Gardens

Hanco’s- Superb, quick, friendly banh mi.  Partner-in-Dine attempts to eat here daily.

Wild Ginger-Vegan pan-Asian, affordable and healthy.

Bino-Best spaghetti carbonara so far.

Verde-Not memorable Italian, but the patio was nice.

Ki Sushi-Excellent, Michelin-starred neighborhood sushi.

Pacifico-Only place ’round here that gets the michelada right, plus grilled corn con chile, queso fundido and yucca fries!

Bar Tabac- Former Heath Ledger hangout.  Other actors and beautiful people spotted.  Amazing hearts of palm salad, and pate to die for.

Sample-Dark wine bar, Spanish tapas, great drink specials.  We go here almost every night.

Brooklyn Farmacy-There is no better coffee-chocolate egg cream.  I defy you to find one.

Yemen Café-Copious meze, vibrant atmosphere, lamb falls off the bone, cheap eat.

Lobo- Bland attempt at Tex-mex food.  Delicious tequila-based drinks.

Waterfalls-Under new ownership, unimpressive Mediterranean.

Karloff-Beet/dill ice cream totally works.

Tripoli-Meh Mediterranean

Chip Shop-Great beer selection, futbol on the telly, deep fried everything, loved it.

Café Luluc-Mediocre French, not returning for breakfast

Bien Cuit- Thrice baked almond croissants.  Would eat here every day but for the Violet Beauregard syndrome.

BoCoCa’s- Excellent service, I became a regular after 2 visits.  Morning hangout for the senior citizens of Cobble Hill.  Ridiculously good bagels.

Board on Bond-Gorgeous atmosphere, but the food leaves something to be desired.  Sat next to Joan Osborne.  If God was one of us, he wouldn’t have eaten here.


The Golden Unicorn-Four Floors of golden dim sum heaven; best consumed with friends.


Sunset Park

East Harbor Seafood Palace- Best dim sum of my life. Must learn Mandarin to get a good table.  Working up to ordering the chicken feet.


West Village

Fatty Crab- Zak Pelaccio deserves every piece of press he gets.  Pork belly and pickled watermelon rind salad?  YES PLEASE


Midtown West

John Dory Oyster House-Intimidating and delicious, with a very basic, small menu and never did figure out who my server was.  John Dory Oyster Stout is our current favorite NY beer.


Lower East Side

Kuma Inn-Best BYOB so far.  Pan-Asian tapas for artsy types

Mehenata- Bulgarian bar with an ice room where one may consume unlimited amounts of vodka for 5 minutes.  Also, incredible live music.

McDonald’s-2:00am pit stop before catching the train home.   Regretted it later.


East Village

Anissa- Ate from Anita Lo’s kitchen, gaped at celebrities, dropped many Benjamins for stellar Asian-fusion.  Hungry again the next day.

Veselka-Never gets old.  Killer Eastern European fare for vegetarians, night owls, students, intellectuals, and me.

Sobakoh-Watched them pull my noodles with their hands!  Better than it sounds.

Hasaki-2nd best sushi OF MY LIFE.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone.  There was only a 15 minute wait for dinner on Friday.

Mermaid Inn-During my oyster happy hour phase. That was a happy rut.


Midtown East

Hide-Chan-Ramen with strange, rich broth so crazy and amazing I had to make up a new word: Cramazing!

Darbar Grill-Haven’t found good Indian yet.  This definitely wasn’t it.


Upper East Side

Candle Café-Vegan delicacies near my office.

Vermicelli- Interesting and cheap Vietnamese lunch specials.  Watched a homeless guy pick food off of diners’ plates at the outdoor café.

Luke’s Lobster-Truly great lobster rolls, but ridiculous seating.

Café Mingala-Burmese food that was just okay.

Gobo-Vegan pan-Asian that’s fancier than Wild Ginger, and pricier.

PJ Melons- Where preppies go to drink decent draft choices and eat awesome burgers and fries.

Shake Shack- Braved the long lines for Danny Meyer’s greasefest.  My cheeseburger verdict:  Better than most, not as good as some.  Greasy patty, but thin just how I like it.  Onions, lettuce, tomato, and pickle were all shockingly fresh.

Pig Heaven- Rather pricey Chinese, but unique in some ways, and heavy on the pork as you might imagine.



Ayada-A revelation! Thai food I could eat every single day and never get bored.  Goodbye pad thai, hello crispy duck panang and salted fish with greens.

Testaccio-overrated, overpriced Italian, although the roasted artichoke with olive tapenade was pretty great.


Park Slope

Al di La-Justin Timberlake and me ate here.    Really, really amazing Italian in a beautiful atmosphere.

Campo di Fiore-We eata the pizza.  Capiche?

Blue Ribbon- BEST OYSTERS OF MY LIFE, and super-sweet bartenders.

Mezcal’s-There were some spicy micheladas with bright green salt on the rim, and they kept coming, and coming. . .

Guiseppina’s- $20 for pizza?  Can it really be that good?  Yes. It. Can.



Pies n Thighs-Who knew hipsters could make the best fried chicken and pie on planet Earth?  For serious. And I’m from NC.

Pete’s Candy Store-might have kind of gotten kicked out of this rude bar.  Keep forgetting to write a letter.

Moto-  Is it French-inspired?  Not sure.  I think it was pretty good, though.

M. Shanghai-A pleasant introduction to Shanghainese cuisine.  Will return for pickled cucumbers and great prices.

Smorgasburg-Ate the best lobster roll of my life.  Drank the most incredible soda I’ve ever tasted (grapefruit/rosemary), entered but didn’t win the cherry pit spitting contest.  That was a fun day.



Peter Pan- Toasted coconut doughnut was the gateway drug. Been back several times.

Five Leaves- Heath Ledger’s best legacy.  Giant black arugula salad, friendly hipsters, the best bathroom in NYC.  And also oysters.  And charcuterie.  And the best cappuccinos since Italy.

Manhattan Inn-Most romantic piano bar I’ve ever been to.  Incredible burgers.  Felt like I was in a dream, or another decade.


Whew!  I need a cigarette.  Or a gym membership.  More to come!





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  1. KFish #

    Wow! I’m excited for my tour. Especially of the best bathroom in NYC.

  2. Yep, I think you’ve hit more spots in 52 days than I did in 5 years. Great round-up!

  3. thedj #

    My favorite way to cure the fish out of water blues.

  4. Wild Thistle #

    Fabulous, funny post – yummmmm! I”m saving this helpful list for my trip next year when I escape the descent of the republican convention on Tampa Bay next summer. I’ll be checking for updates. . .

    • SheWhoEats #

      Thanks, WT for the support. Let me know when you’re coming and I’ll make some more specific recommendations for ya.

  5. CC #

    I am impressed with all the places you have covered so far and although I have lived in BoCoCa for 8 years I would refer to your list! Looking forward to reading about future food adventures and hope that Chris and I will be joining you at some of them!

  6. New fan #

    Hey SWE, have you been to Roberta’s in Bushwick?

    • SheWhoEats #

      Hey New Fan, I have never even been to Bushwick! I’ve heard of Roberta’s though, and I plan to try it out soon. Got any menu recs?

  7. Chris R. #

    Kicked out of Pete’s Candy Store?! I gotta hear that story… Did you try the pasta at Verde? I think it’s delicious. Everything else about that place is a little off, though, I’ll admit.

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