The Last Supper (in Asheville)

Here’s a not so hypothetical question for you.  If you had only one meal to eat in Asheville, where would it be?  In seven days, I’m leaving this lovely mountain retreat for the bright lights and big flavors of New York City.  The countdown has begun.  But I’m stumped; where do I eat my final meal?  For the past two weeks, living on my own, couch surfing, I’ve spent nights sharing meals at various dinner tables with dear friends, and days grabbing fruit and salads and Greenlife.  For a final week, however, this does not suffice.

Should I keep it Southern, since I know there will be a drought of grits and endless sweet tea in my future?  Do I go Asheville vegetarian, stay downtown or stick with old faithfuls like Papas and Beer?  I’d love to know where you would take your final holy sacrament in this most epicurean of Appalachian towns.

Plus, check out the new digs.  SheWhoEats is here to stay!  After years of amateur night at the computer, I’ve finally cleaned things up and created a more intentional look.  Thanks to the creativity and skill of one Bowman Kelley, a great friend and web developer genius, your eyes will now be pummeled with beauty and simplicity in addition to watching some words and photos about food.   Contact him if your site needs some sprucing!  This blog just got real.  Dot com real.

Stay tuned for a thrilling, death-defying culinary pilgrimage to the Apple that is Big.

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  1. I’m pondering that quandary myself, as I gear up to move to the OTHER end of the country (Seattle!) next week. For a fancy last-night-in-town dinner, it came down to Rezaz versus The Admiral versus The Lobster Trap. The Lobster Trap won, but only because my partner is craving seafood and swears its good (Hello, Seattle? Can he wait two weeks…noooo). I’ve never eaten there, not once in all these years, so I’m curious to see if I’ll enjoy it or not.

    I’ve also been eating Marco’s pizza approximately once a week since the move became a real thing. Since you’re moving to the Holy Land of Pizza, you’re probably not worried like I am about finding a good slice.

    I’m glad to see you’re keeping your blog alive and kicking as you change locales. How do you feel about going from being one of a few food-centric blogs in Asheville to one of many in NYC? It’s made me rethink my blogging approach a little bit…

    Best of luck to you!

    • SheWhoEats #

      Hey Leigh,

      Thanks so much for the well wishes! Good luck on your own exciting move. Look up Hanna Raskin, she’s the new food writer for the Seattle weekly, formerly our own Mountain Xpress food reviewer. She’s awesome and she’d probably love to invite you out to dinner to help with critiques.

      The Lobster Trap? I have to admit that Seattle’s seafood is literally THE BEST I’VE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE INCLUDING EUROPE but if your partner will not be satiated, then I suppose it’s worth seeing the look of joy (and victory) on his face when he eats that midland lobster. (flown in, but still.)

      I actually think there are way more opportunities for NYC food bloggers. Lots of meetups, events, and and a huge food blogging community. Maybe there’s room for one more? Plus, as more and more of my friends began opening restaurants in Asheville, I became more conflicted and timid about writing real critiques. I didn’t want to come across as anti-small business in a town that relies on it so much. I’m excited about the cutthroat food scene in NYC and ready to jump right into the middle of it. I’ll keep reading yours if you keep reading mine!


  2. Thanks for the plug. I’m glad to see that you’re already posting and have some comments as well. Hopefully see you again before you leave.

    - Bowman

  3. Early Girl Eatery if you want some simple, no fuss, local, southern food.
    The Admiral if you want your food to be more upscale, fresh and unique.

  4. My first instinct is Nine Mile, however after spending just over a week in Asheville for our wedding/honeymoon, our last meal was at Heiwa Shokudo.

    The other must- Short Street Cakes for a last cupcake or 2! Good luck on your new adventure!!

  5. Ohio Bob #

    Dear She Who Eats,
    There are two must-do last meals in Asheville: 1) Early Girl Eatery for breakfast, and 2) Doc Chey’s for dinner. I always hit these two every Asheville visit.

    Good luck on your next venture.

  6. Kan #

    Congrats! I cannot wait to read about – and participate in – your NYC food adventures. If it were me, I would go full-on Southern for your final meal below the Mason/Dixon….cause we both know that Seersucker et. al. won’t hold a candle to what you can get in Western Carolina.

  7. bryan #

    Whelp, rarely am I able to come up with a place to go out eat in Asheville, especially under the gun with relatives or friends anticipating an awesome meal in Asheville. I drive around in circles and usually choose the worst place possible but luckily my better half always makes the perfect decision. But if I had to choose I suppose I would do this:

    For breakfast I would go to the Clingman Cafe and get one of their most awesome bagel sandwiches, I’m generally not a meat eater but I “accidentally” ordered the Boss Bagel and it was indeed BOSS. Oh and bring your own coffee cup and fill it to the brim for $1, best deal in town.

    Then for lunch staying more true to my vege roots I might go to Rosetta’s and get the olive cashew sandwich with chips and a pickle and a UN-sweet tea. I will never bend to the sweet tea ways of the south, I’d rather drink my own spit.

    for in-between-sees maybe a vege dog at the hotdog cart by Prichard park, or tater tots at the U-joint, or Pimento cheese plate at the DeSoto, or peanuts and beer at the Wedge, oh geez beer I forgot about that, whelp probably the best place to get a beer would be. . . . . .anywhere in Ashville, but I will say that I am always secretly jealous when I see people sitting out side Jack of the Wood on those benches having a beer mid-day.

    As for dinner, well I think you have already done this but I really enjoy sitting at the bar at Wasabi with my lovely wife and sharing everything and watching the sushi chefs who always offer up seaweed salad without having to ask for it.

    it’s really hard to narrow it down maybe you could figure out that “special drink” that will allow you to eat one of everything all day and night long until you finally say good bye to dear ol AVL.

    • SheWhoEats #

      Wow Bryan, that’s an entire day, not just a meal! You know I love Wasabi but I predict better quality sushi on the East Coast. The Wedge is definitely my fav brewery in town, so good call on that one. The Clingman Ave bagel sandwich is oft forgotten but so incredibly yummy! Thanks for all your recs!

  8. KFish #

    My $.02…I would never choose Papa’s and Beer, because even though it’s tasty, you will surely find plenty of tasty Mexican in NYC. I would choose something unique and distinctive to our Asheville scene, and for me it might come down to Salsa’s. Now, I know you’ve been a reluctant hater in the past and I understand. We’ve all had a bad Salsa’s experience here or there, and I understand yours involved standing water in the bathroom and major order goofs. But Hector’s style is truly unique; I’ve never been anywhere else that replicates it. I would call ahead to make sure he’s cooking! Failing that, the Admiral might come in second…and I might also consider the Market Place. They’ve just renovated and it’s beautiful inside, or outside. Since most of what they do is local, it’s sure to be Asheville at it’s finest. Good luck and if you feel so inclined to treat your favorite people to dinner…just remember who loves you.

  9. KFish #

    …and make sure to hit 12 Bones for lunch!!!

  10. boora #

    Begin with a drink at the Junction and end with a meal at The Admiral. That is the way I would go out.

    • SheWhoEats #

      I haven’t been to the Junction yet, but agree that the Admiral is one of the top 3 best restaurants in Asheville. Alongside Limones and Cucina 24.

  11. Tartarellisauce #

    From the perspective of a yankee who moved away from the She-ville two years ago, get your dose of Tupelo Honey goat cheese grits before you go! There’s truly nowhere north of the Mason/Dixon line quite like them, at all! I crave them so much and try to duplicate them in my own kitchen to no avail. Also, might I suggest one last night at your absolute favorite hang out spot, whatever it may be: perhaps both spots in the same evening.

  12. mnd #

    I live in NYC but love Avl. I end my visits with Rosetta’s, a place I wish I could have in NYC.

    Btw, you are right, it will be a huge pond but hugely more opportunities and communities. Find your niche and keep writing (my favorite food blogs just stopped at some point) and you’ll do great.

    • SheWhoEats #

      Hey MND, thanks for the recommendations, and the support. I’ll remember to hit Rosetta’s before I go.

  13. bikeman #

    Curate. They have raised the bar in Asheville. It can be pricey, but no more so than The Admiral.

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