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The Last Supper (in Asheville)

Here’s a not so hypothetical question for you.  If you had only one meal to eat in Asheville, where would it be?  In seven days, I’m leaving this lovely mountain retreat for the bright lights and big flavors of New York City.  The countdown has begun.  But I’m stumped; where do I eat my final meal?  For the past two weeks, living on my own, couch surfing, I’ve spent nights sharing meals at various dinner tables with dear friends, and days grabbing fruit and salads and Greenlife.  For a final week, however, this does not suffice.

Should I keep it Southern, since I know there will be a drought of grits and endless sweet tea in my future?  Do I go Asheville vegetarian, stay downtown or stick with old faithfuls like Papas and Beer?  I’d love to know where you would take your final holy sacrament in this most epicurean of Appalachian towns.

Plus, check out the new digs.  SheWhoEats is here to stay!  After years of amateur night at the computer, I’ve finally cleaned things up and created a more intentional look.  Thanks to the creativity and skill of one Bowman Kelley, a great friend and web developer genius, your eyes will now be pummeled with beauty and simplicity in addition to watching some words and photos about food.   Contact him if your site needs some sprucing!  This blog just got real.  Dot com real.

Stay tuned for a thrilling, death-defying culinary pilgrimage to the Apple that is Big.